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What is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is an event that takes place for anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. There are games, puzzles, giveaways and (hopefully) lots of author/fan interactions. Sometimes authors share parties.

Let The Novel Difference help you create and organize your next Facebook Party, which includes Event Page Banner Design, Event Set Up, Event Organization and Event Invitations – We’ll even EMCEE the party!

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Facebook Party Set Up

  • First thing, we’ll talk with you to get a sense of what you want to promote and what you hope to accomplish.
  • Also, we’ll work with you to invite other authors to come to the party and hang out, if you don’t have authors in mind.
  • We’ll set up the Facebook Party on The Novel Difference Facebook Page, unless the author would prefer to have the event set up from her personal Facebook Page (this requires your Facebook Password). As soon as the Party is created and the decorations are up, we’ll hook you up with the link. Feel free to post in the party room prior to the event any time you like.
  • The Novel Difference will invite readers to take part in the event. You should, too.
  • If requested by the author, The Novel Difference will set up a Facebook private message chat to work out any details or answer any questions that are just too difficult to ask/answer via an email.
  • The Author will be given a form/survey to fill out so that The Novel Difference has background information on author, book, series, giveaways, etc.

Facebook Party Management

  • During the Party The Novel Difference will be the emcee.
  • The Novel Difference will introduce each author, announce what her prize will be and include a link to her Facebook Author Page.
  • We can also schedule games and other fun activities during the party. Don’t worry, we’ll introduce those between the author chat times.

Promoting the Party

  • Not only will we invite people to your party via The Novel Difference blog, we’ll also blow up Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Bloglovin’, Goodreads, and Tumblr.


  • The Novel Difference will create a custom banner advertising the Facebook Party.

Giveaway (Optional)

  • There’s no doubt, giveaways definitely increase participation from readers, so we strongly advise that there be at least one giveaway.
  • The Novel Difference recommends creating one large Rafflecopter giveaway to promote the party. We’ll set up the Rafflecopter giveaway on our Facebook Page and even give you the embed code or link to share as you see fit.
  • In addition to the  main Rafflecopter giveaway, we recommend  a series of well-timed flash giveaways.
  • Giveaway promotions are administered via Rafflecopter. Flash Giveaways are picked using the Flash Giveaway App for Rafflecopter.
  • Rafflecopter giveaways will last for a period of five days (unless otherwise specified).
  • The purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes are the author’s responsibility.
  • We’ll draw the individual winners and provide their information to the author, and we’ll notify the winners via email unless the author would prefer to do so.


  • 3 hour event: $50
  • 4 hour event: $90 – For parties four hours or longer, the hours can be spread out over the course of several days.
  • 5 hour event: $120
  • 6 hour event: $140
  • 7 hour event: $165
  • If you have an idea that isn’t represented here, go ahead and drop us a message. If it’s possible, we’ll find a way to make it happen.
  • We invoice using PayPal.
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