Jolana Malkston

At more than one writers’ conference, I heard agents and editors advising pre-published authors like me to establish an online presence well before selling, not after. I ventured into social media on my own and was overwhelmed. Keeping pace with it took up valuable writing time that I was loathe to sacrifice, and I still didn’t have a website. I wasn’t about to give up more writing time to learn how to create it myself. When I whined to my writer friends, they recommended Florence Price and The Novel Difference.

I absolutely love the website Florence created for me. She helped me register my domain name and set up web hosting. I gave Florence my input on how I envisioned my website should look and function, and that I wanted to include a blog. I was thrilled with the resulting design, and with the social media plug-ins that were integrated with my website, plus the feed with my tweets from my Twitter account. I write my blog posts and Florence publishes them to my website for me. She’s my new best friend.  Links to the blog appear on my Facebook page and my Twitter account. Florence maintains my website for me and manages my social media accounts. All I do is send her my posts. If I encounter any problems, or if there is something I don’t know how to do on my own, I just contact Florence for help and they ride to my rescue. The best part of all is that now I have so much more time to write. Thanks, The Novel Difference!

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